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3 HUGE Bodybuilding Lies

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3 HUGE Bodybuilding Lies


3 HUGE Bodybuilding Lies

What are some of the biggest lies you’ve been told by

the magazines and the supplement companies?

Here’s a few that broke my heart when I first found out.

1- The bodybuilders in the advertisements aren’t actually

using the supplements they endorse.

2- Pictures in the mags are majorly photoshopped so that

the athletes look way better in print than they do in real life.

3- Some of the articles in the magazines are written by

ghost writers NOT the bodybuilders name under the title.

These are just a few. I could go on a major rant here,

but I’ll share 3 more of the Biggest Bodybuilding Lies

in the video below instead.

Watch it now. I’m not sure how long it will be up.

3 HUGE Bodybuilding Lies <======= Click




The Perfect Body Formula For Guys

The Perfect Body Formula For Guys

3 BIGGEST nutrition mistakes EVER

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