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Shoulders Workout

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Shoulders Workout

Shoulders Workout

Do these five moves to built broad shoulders and create a V-shaped torso

Key move Barbell shoulder press

The shoulder press is a key upper-body Lift if you want to add size and strength. It mainly works the front and middle deltoids, two of the three major muscles that make up your shoulders. Your triceps become involved as you straighten your arms, while your core must work hard throughout to stabilize your torso. It’s a key move for creating impressively wide shoulders and will help
improve your bench press.


The first rep wilt be the toughest because¬† there’s no bounce effect from the elasticity of the muscles. Use your legs to help initiate that tricky first rep and the rest will be a little easier.

Shoulders Workout

Shoulders Workout

Abs Workout Crunch

Abs Workout – Crunch


Quads – Squat

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